You can’t predict your material supply. What you can do is be proactive rather than being reactive. Be proactive in identifying and preventing potential problems, so you can avoid delays that can drag down your construction pace. In addition, necessary countermeasures must be prepared, so it won’t even face you if you encounter such problems in material procurement. What really are the major causes of delayed materials? Here are some factors:

• Availability of materials

The availability of materials is something you can’t predict. However, the shortage of supply can disrupt your construction progress on site. The usual scenario is either the material itself or the raw material needed for it. Reordering can cause prolonged delays and additional costs, especially if the material needs to be imported from overseas. You also have to consider the possibility of inconsistency in color and size tolerance.

•  Poor estimation of material quantity 

Poor estimation causes either a shortage of supply or oversupply. A shortage of supply often leads to reordering which will cause delays in your project due to lack of materials. You also need to ensure you have the right amount of materials to avoid oversupplying.

• Inclement weather

Inclement weather affect materials supply in two ways: importing materials from overseas or during delivery to the project site. This often results in dragging off the estimated date of arrival.

• Government restrictions

There are certain materials that need permit approvals from government departments before an import order is placed. This’ll be time-consuming if not planned well in advance. If possible, choose a supplier that will not need some requirements.

• Poor planning and scheduling

Planning and scheduling play an important role in time management when working on a project. It is normally done before the construction begins, entailing also the procuring and ordering of needed materials.

• Variations and changes

Delays are triggered due to a range of unprecedented scenarios such as changes in client decisions, changes to the design, and material procurement issues. Whatever the reason is, changes have an impact on materials.

Lastly, this is one factor that’ll be hard to wiggle from —financial conditions. If you don’t have the financial means to settle payments for the materials, that’ll be hard to go around. Make sure that the construction project will not go beyond the estimated budget.

When it comes down to it, the ultimate deciding factor that you won’t have to experience delayed projects would be to hire a highly trusted construction company like BRU Construction.