Nothing sounds more reassuring than knowing you have the right people to help you out in renovating your restaurant every step of the way.

Just as we like to recognize, every restaurant requires some sort of facelift now and then. Either you decide to change the interior design, add a new section, or add new chairs and tables, these changes are made to accommodate more guests in a cozier place.

Remodeling or rebranding your restaurant provides an opportunity to see where your restaurant fits in. Considering the ever-changing restaurant industry, applying changes helps differentiate your restaurant from other restaurants in the neighborhood.

If the renovation involves changing the layout of the space, you must ensure that things from electrical wiring, plumbing, water lines, heating, to lighting are all up to code. In the case of doing a complete overhaul considering your restaurant’s unbearable condition with time, legalizing the process is integral, making sure that structure and operations are compliant with local requirements.

As your partner, we are here to provide solutions to your renovation needs. BRU Construction consists of general contractors in Toronto who specialize in the renovation of places.

We know that renovating a restaurant in Toronto demands certain conditions to legitimize the whole process. Just like legalizing your basement into an apartment, there are challenges that you, as the owner, don’t want to be saddled with. Shortly speaking, these are things that could be a hassle on your part.

But fret not. We got you covered! We do the work without causing you any trouble.

Our licensed professional engineers focus on providing exceptional service. And for years, we’ve been helping businesses with remodeling and designing their properties into their dream space.

Whenever your restaurant requires a renovation in Toronto, we are available 24/7 and would love to help you out in any way possible.

According to the following are to-dos before the renovation starts:

  • Contact your local Public Health Inspector for food premises requirements
  • Review Food Premises Regulation online (O. Reg. 562/90) at
  • Contact your Building and Zoning Departments for any bylaw requirements
  • Provide your owner/operator name, name of the business, business address, and telephone number when established to PCCHU
  • Submit and review your floor plan and menu with a Public Health Inspector
  • Notify a Public Health Inspector for a pre-opening inspection
  • Register your staff with PCCHU for a free Certified Food Handler Training and Certification Course

The list could still go on.

As per, other prerequisites, such as commercial kitchen code requirements, restaurant restroom requirements, accessibility requirements, and exit sign requirements also must be complied with. To avoid delays, you also have to know about health inspections, inspection grades and health department restaurant ratings, and fire inspections.

As what the Health Protection and Promotion Act of Ontario requires, every person who intends to renovate food premises must give notice of his intention to the local health unit in which the food premises are to be located.

Renovating a restaurant is relevant in a changing marketplace. It may require a lot of work, but with BUR Construction, you are guaranteed that these jobs are done within legal requirements for your area.

We want you to see how the value of your property grows. Working with professional commercial designers and engineers is the best way to know your project is up to standard.

And so, with relentless attention to detail, exceptional customer service, and devotion to quality, we give you end-to-end assistance to ensure you get exactly what you look for.

Let’s give your restaurant a brand new look.